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Introduces you to Jabbers and his friends.

"It doesn't matter that we're not the same, that we may look different or have different names, cause friendship is love and love can't be explained. Be proud of yourself and don't ever change." - Jabbers


Jabberin’ About The Bad Bully Curse


Changes the way you look at bullies and how they see themselves.

"Bullies can be any size or any shape. The one thing they all have in common is hate. They build themselves up by putting you down. Bullies are everywhere, in every town." - Jabbers



Mike Sanders & Friends

I have 5 grandchildren. My deepest fear is that at some point in their lives they will learn to hate. The Jabbers books were written in the hope that by teaching our children unconditional love and respect for others at an early age, it will become a natural response as they grow older. If in fact hate is learned, then love must also be. To respect all people, stand up for those unable to stand for themselves, show compassion, be a positive influence, be a giver not a taker, not be judgemental towards those who may be different, and truly make a difference in the lives of others, is paramount in our evolution as human beings.  

Know that you are special and give others the chance to be too. This is what Jabbers is all about: a safe place to discover who you are and to do it with love. Learning, compassion, confidence, and self-worth, celebrating our differences, embracing diversity; this is how we how we change the world. Our future rests in the very small hands of our children, be gentle with them. 

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